The benefits of credentials

Have your skills formally recognised to stay ahead of the competition.


Meet the challenges of the future

Technological advances have been altering the way we work for centuries. And, with the pace of change seen in the last few decades, we need to do more than ever to keep up. As we move further into a future where global markets, artificial intelligence and automation are the new norm – we must do everything we can to ensure the soft skills we’ve worked hard to gain are officially recognised.


Soft skill intensive jobs will grow 2.5x faster than other jobs


Soft skill intensive jobs will make up 63% of all jobs by 2030


of businesses need leadership skill development for the digital future

For professionals

The number of people holding a university degree today makes it increasingly difficult to stand out, leaving more and more people looking for additional qualifications or expertise. Credentials can help you move ahead of the pack by enabling you to show existing and potential employers that you’re more skilled, and that you know what it takes to succeed moving in the future.

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of companies that developed their employees’ strengths achieved increases in sales, profit and engagement.

Source: Gallup, Global Study: ROI for Strengths-Based Development

For postgraduates

Professional Practice credentials are a faster, cheaper stepping stone into full postgraduate study. By completing two credentials at the masters-aligned level, you can gain credit for one full unit of postgraduate study at Deakin University. Completed in 4 to 8 hours, and at a cost of only $495 each – Professional Practice credentials come in at a fraction of the time and cost it takes to complete one unit of typical postgraduate university study.

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Postgraduates are employed at a rate 15% higher than undergraduates.

Source: - QILT, Graduate Outcomes Survey 2017

For organisations

Deakin University’s micro-credentials offer a cost-effective way to measure workforce capabilities, increase employee engagement and ensure company competitiveness in today’s ever-changing environment. And, with the demand for lifelong learning increasing, offering a structured yet flexible learning program for your workforce could make you an employer of choice.

But the benefits of credentialing go far beyond productivity gain, staff engagement and cost reduction. That also consequently extends to better service delivery for your end user, and greater relevance in the modern marketplace.

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0 in 4

businesses report a workforce skills gap

Source: Deloitte Access Economics, Soft Skills for Business Success

Professional Practice credentials

Deakin University’s Professional Practice credentials are offered across three categories, and are benchmarked against industry skill frameworks and international qualifications frameworks, meaning they are industry-relevant, globally recognised and tailored specifically to put you ahead of the pack.

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