Soft skills

In the future of work, soft skills are vital.

Soft skills are the key to success in the 21st century

Soft skills are the transferable, non-technical skills everyone needs in a modern, project-based, customer-centric workplace. The importance of these skills has only grown over time. In fact, 10 of the 16 ‘crucial proficiencies in the 21st century’ identified by the World Economic Forum are non-technical.

Soft skills include:

Most people tend to implicitly believe they have these attributes, however, they are also reluctant to report their soft skills. The problem up until recently has been how best to prove them, which has never been an exact science – until now.

Professional Practice credentials provide independent and accurate assessment of skills that have been demonstrated in practice. This means you can now accurately measure and reward these soft skills within your workforce.


potential increase in revenue due to soft skill development of employees


of businesses require customer service skills


top skills demanded by businesses are uniquely human

Source: Deloitte Access Economics, The wage premium associated with human skills

The effects of soft skills on business outcomes

Soft skills are now critical to the success of both individuals and organisations. The benefits for developing and verifying these skills can lead to a range of positive outcomes, both personal and professional, for example:

Verify your soft skills with Professional Practice credentials

According to the Deloitte Access Economics report, Soft Skills For Business Success, less than 1% of Australians report having any soft skills on their LinkedIn profiles and 25% of businesses have difficulty recruiting for soft skill intensive positions. These skills have been hard to measure and prove in the past, but not anymore. Deakin’s credentials allow you to verify these skills and show employers that you’re prepared for the roles of the future as a well-rounded employee with tangible soft skills.

Because credentials are designed to recognise the skills and knowledge you already have, the process to earn a credential does not involve formal classes or coursework. Instead, Deakin University assess your skills and knowledge based on your presentation of evidence.

Credentials for every soft skill

With Deakin’s range of employability, leadership and technical knowledge credentials, you’re bound to find something to verify you’ve got the skills to meet the challenges of the future.

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