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Deakin offers a range of credentials from employability skills such as problem-solving and communication, to leadership and technical knowledge skills such as digital marketing and data analytics. Browse our range of credentials below to select what is most suitable to you and your expertise.

Employability credentials

DeakinCo.’s Employability credentials are the ‘soft skills’ or transferable skills that professionals need to excel in contemporary workplaces.

These skills, such as communication, critical thinking and self-management are becoming increasingly important as soft skill-intensive occupations grow. You can now be recognised for these skills through credentials, which are benchmarked against industry skill frameworks and international qualifications frameworks.


Communication is essential to promote commitment and the sharing of ideas and information within your team and across the organisation, external stakeholders and customers.

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Critical thinking

Critical thinking is essential to analyse a situation or problem, identify causal relationships and generate an optimal solution.

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Digital literacy

Digital literacy is an essential skill for effective participation in today’s fast paced digital world with businesses relying on digital technology for all aspects of their operations.

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Cultural engagement

Cultural engagement is essential in understanding your professional responsibilities in an increasingly diverse global economy and society.

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Innovation skills are essential for organisations to respond to future opportunities, embrace new uses of technologies and improve industry methods.

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Problem solving

Problem solving is an essential part of business today as it involves the ability to define and analyse problems, identify problem severity and implement optimal solutions.

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Professional ethics

Professional ethics encompasses the personal, organisational and corporate standard of behaviour expected of professionals.

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Show how you work and learn independently, and take responsibility for personal actions.

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Collaboration is one of the most highly regarded employability skills and many organisations rely on successful collaboration to achieve organisational goals and objectives.

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Leadership credentials

Good leaders are highly valued across all industries. Organisations rely on leaders at all levels to have the relevant skills, knowledge, drive and experience necessary to meet current and future challenges.

In the past, leadership skills have been hard to prove. But now, leadership credentials offer tangible, recognised proof of your demonstrated ability to empower, motivate, inspire and drive results.

Adaptive mindsets

Adaptive mindsets is the ability to develop and promote responsiveness and foster the capacity of individuals, groups and the organisation to be adaptive.

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Driving strategic results

Driving strategic results is the ability to promote the achievement of excellence and the attainment of strategic outcomes.

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Empowering others

Empowering others is the ability to empower and encourage people in their work to achieve and exceed agreed objectives.

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Leading and developing people

Leading and developing people is the ability to effectively lead and develop people to improve performance, talent and capability within your organisation.

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Technical knowledge credentials

Through your career, gaining and expanding on technical knowledge gives you the opportunity to grow as a professional. Having the right mix of skills is crucial to your success, as businesses rely on a combination of technical knowledge and practical skills.

Our Technical Knowledge credentials recognise the skills you’ve developed in a range of disciplines, from marketing to risk management.

Content marketing

The Content marketing credential is essential to promote your ability to create and deliver relevant and consistent content to engage with specific audiences.

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Creative marketing

The Creative marketing Credential is essential to promote your ability to generate innovative ideas that are relevant to target audiences and differentiating in the market place to drive results – to create work that works.

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Customer experience

The customer experience has emerged as the single most important aspect in achieving success. Truly understanding customer needs and putting them first is critical to a company’s bottom line.

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Data-driven marketing

The Data-driven marketing credential is essential to promote your ability to transform consumer data into marketing insights to optimise the results of marketing investment.

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Digital learning

In today’s digital world of work, digital learning is any type of learning that is facilitated by technology or by the application of a wide spectrum of practices that makes effective use of technology. Digital learning is not all digital, but leverages digital tools in an integrated way.

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Digital marketing

The Digital marketing credential is essential to promote your ability to understand brands and consumers and build relationships between them through digital platforms and channels.

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Risk management

Risk management is an integral part of managing an organisation effectively in times of increased uncertainty and global disruption.

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Which credential level is right for you?

Professional Practice Credentials are offered in three levels – Bachelor aligned, pre masters aligned, and masters aligned. Choose the correct level to suit your skills and experience.


This level is suitable for an experienced person who takes ownership of agreed team goals and works across teams and stakeholders to coordinate actions.

  • Have 5 years professional experience
  • Be an experienced professional in your industry
  • Have experience in operational roles
  • Coordinate actions across operations of the business


This level is suitable for a senior professional who is confident in applying a broad range of knowledge, skills and expertise. They are also responsible for the performance of others and for attaining business outcomes.

  • Have 7 years professional experience
  • Be a senior professional in your industry
  • Have experience in functional-level roles
  • Direct thinking or action across operations of the business


This level is suitable for an advanced professional who leads the formation and implementation of strategy, contributes to original thinking and drives positive outcomes across an organisation.

  • Have 10 years professional experience
  • Be an advanced professional in your industry
  • Have experience in leadership roles within a business
  • Drive actions across an organisation

"My credential certifies what I can offer to anyone interested in collaborating. It's a legitimate form of evidence that’s requested by many companies during the selection process."

Samuel Lopez-Lago Ortiz

Critical thinking credential

Why credentials?

Formally recognise your hard-earned skills

Professional Practice credentials recognise your existing skills and expertise, meaning there’s no coursework involved.

Complete your credential on your time

The credentialling process is 100% online, meaning you can complete the work whenever it suits you, wherever you are

Credentials for everyone

Professional Practice credentials from Deakin University are offered across three categories; Employability, Leadership and Technical knowledge. Each credential is offered in three qualification levels to match your needs and experience – meaning you’re sure to find something relevant to accelerate you or your workforce’s careers.

How do credentials work?

Completed 100% online in your own time, and with the help you need every step of the way, the credentialling process couldn’t be simpler.

Reflect on experience and gather evidence of your capabilities.

Submit a reflective testimony and evidence of your skills.

Answer a series of questions about existing skills and knowledge.

Have your submission assessed and receive your credential.

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