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Deakin launches first professional practice Master’s for engineers

Deakin University and Engineers Australia will today launch an Australian-first course allowing engineers to obtain chartered engineering status and a Master’s degree at the same time.

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Simon Hann shares his micro-credential experience

Simon Hann talks us through his experience with credentials and how they’ve helped him professionally.

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Kate Calder reveals her credentialling journey

Kate had her skills officially recognised and validated by completing two Professional Practice credentials.

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A new, faster way to earn a postgraduate degree

DeakinCo. interviewed course director, Dr Nicholas Patterson, about the new Master of Professional Practice (IT) degree from Deakin University.

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Need help completing your credential?

Use the resources below to help you plan and complete your credential.

Credential reference form

This form will help you gather useful details from references.


MyMicroCredentials user guide

Learn how to use the MyMicroCredentials platform to complete your credential.


Credential top tips

We asked some of our credential holders for their top tips to help candidates who are starting a credential.


Credential evidence planner

Use this planner to help plan your submission for a Professional Practice credential.


Free courses on FutureLearn

FutureLearn offers you a powerful new way to learn online. Every course has been designed according to principles of effective learning, through storytelling, discussion, visible learning, and using community support to celebrate progress.

Deakin’s range of free FutureLearn courses will give you a taste of the credential process and help you prepare for your credential effectively.

Career credentials: Evidence your expertise in teamwork

Evidence your teamwork skills for the workplace and progress in your career.

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Career credentials: Evidence your expertise in communication

Evidence your communication skills for the workplace and progress in your career.

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Career credentials: Evidence your expertise in problem solving

Evidence your problem-solving skills and boost your career.

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Career credentials: Evidence your expertise in digital literacy

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Credential holder testimonial – Wendy Palmer

Credential holder Wendy Palmer talks about her experience earning the Collaboration (now Teamwork) credential.

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Credential holder testimonial – Dominique Barker

Credential holder Dominique Barker talks about her credential experience.

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Teamwork credential

Teamwork is one of the most highly regarded employability skills and many organisations rely on successful teamwork to achieve organisational goals and objectives.

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How to complete your credential reflective testimony and evidence

The first step in completing your credential is submitting your reflective testimony and supporting evidence.

Self management credential

Self-management is essential to demonstrate your capability to continually learn, respond to changes and enhance work practices.

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Problem solving credential

Problem solving is an essential part of business today as it involves the ability to define and analyse problems, identify problem severity and implement optimal solutions.

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Professional Practice credential overview

Dr Marcus Bowles explains what is a Professional Practice credential and how individuals and employers can use credentials to navigate the future of work.

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How to complete your credential video testimony

The video testimony is the final piece of your credential assessment and requires you to answer a series of questions based on your skills and knowledge.

Professional ethics credential

Professional ethics encompasses the personal, organisational and corporate standard of behaviour expected of professionals.

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Global citizenship credential

Global citizenship is essential in understanding your professional responsibilities in an increasingly diverse global economy and society.

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Innovation credential

Innovation is essential for organisations to respond to future opportunities, embrace new uses of technologies and improve industry methods.

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The assessment process for Professional Practice credentials

The assessment process for Professional Practice credentials has been designed to ensure you can have confidence in the credibility of the measurement of your skills.

Digital literacy credential

Digital literacy is an essential skill for effective participation in today’s fast paced digital world with businesses relying on digital technology for all aspects of their operations.

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Critical thinking credential

Critical thinking is essential to analyse a situation or problem, identify causal relationships and generate an optimal solution.

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How to earn a Professional Practice credential

An overview of how to earn a Professional Practice credential in five steps.

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