Gathering your evidence

Deakin recognises that your current skill set is best showcased through actual work you've completed or are currently working on. Using genuine examples is a great way for us to gauge your industry skills and knowledge.

What to include

We would love to see what projects you’re currently working on, or even previous documents you would be proud to share. Think about upcoming work or planning documents you could also include that best tell your story and demonstrate your capabilities.

Types of evidence you could provide, depending on the credential, include:

If you’re having trouble accessing documents, submitting third-party testimony from a previous colleague or manager is a great way to provide evidence of your skill set.

Evidence guideline

The evidence you provide must be:

More information on how to collect indicative evidence can be found in the candidates guide for each credential.

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Deakin’s Credential Assessment Manager and your two allocated assessors are the only people who see your submission. They’re bound by confidentiality and privacy requirements.

If you’re concerned about including confidential information in your evidence, such as names and figures, you can remove this from your submission.

Submitting your evidence

The credential process is fully online, so just gather what evidence you would like to show us and upload your documents through the credentials portal. Our support team are available to walk you through any technical issues that may arise.

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Resubmitting your evidence

Deakin’s assessors want to work with you to achieve your desired credential level. You’ll receive feedback on your submission and then be given the opportunity to resubmit if necessary, with clear directions from our team on what’s needed.

Level requirements

Deakin will provide you with the information and support needed to help you achieve your credential. If your submission doesn’t meet the level requirements, you may be awarded the credential level below.
Selecting your level

Selecting your level