Reflective testimony

Your reflective testimony is your chance to tell us all about your career skills and industry knowledge in your chosen credential, focusing on the examples of work you've provided.

What to include

Help us fully understand the evidence of work you provide by explaining how you’ve used the capability and how the evidence you’ve provided demonstrates the credential criteria.


Your reflective testimony is a written document that must be:

You must include a short introductory paragraph giving an overview of your current role and your relevant professional experience.

Referring to examples

When referring to your examples and evidence in your reflective testimony you must outline:


Reflecting on the achievements and failures that make up our career experiences often allow us to find better ways to work in the future. The process of writing your reflective testimony provides a lens through which to view your professional capabilities.

More information on what to include in your reflective testimony can be found in the candidates guide for each credential.

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