Understanding badges

Deakin's Professional Practice credential badges provide formal recognition and verification of demonstrated capabilities in the workplace.

What are Deakin credentials?

Deakin offers a range of credentials from employability skills such as problem-solving and communication, to leadership and technical knowledge skills such as digital marketing and data analytics.

Our Professional Practice credentials enable businesses to recognise and reward their workforce’s skills, helping to formalise the learning and experience people have gained, measure the ROI on capability uplift and enhance employer branding.


What are digital badges?

Digital badges provide formal recognition for the Professional Practice credential holder. The awarded badge provides the credential candidate with verification of their achievement and capabilities.

Our levels explained

Underpinning Deakin’s credentialing model, is our five-level capability framework, creating a standardise measurement of capabilities across multiple skills sets and levels of experience from an early careerist to a senior leader. The credentials levels are as follows:


Entry level
Develops and applies learned knowledge under supervision to support the delivery of desired business outcomes.


Skilled professional
Supports ideation and implementation of projects to deliver desired business outcomes.


Experienced professional
Drives communication and coordination across teams and stakeholders to deliver desired business outcomes.


Also known as Pre-Master’s aligned
Senior professional
Applies subject matter expertise and capabilities to develop team’s performance and drive strategic business outcomes.


Also known as Master’s aligned
Expert professional
Leads formation and implementation of business strategy. Drives thought leadership and positive outcome across the organisation.

Alignment to academic and industrial frameworks and standards

Deakin’s capability framework was developed in consultation with industry and professional bodies. The framework is aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and other international qualification frameworks such as Indian National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) and Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).


Frameworks already mapped


Industry frameworks


Academic qualification frameworks

How credential levels align to international qualification frameworks

The Professional Practice capability framework has been mapped to key international qualification and industry frameworks meaning they are industry-relevant, globally recognised and can be tailored specifically to meet your organisation’s needs. Download the pdf below to learn more about the credential mapping.


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