Why You Should be Confident Entering a New Workplace

Landing a new job is exciting but entering a new workplace can be nerve-racking. There are many things you don’t know, whether it’s the people, how to behave, or how things are done. You may feel anxious or even fearful on the first day or week of your new job. While this is totally normal and happens to many of us, it’s important that you exude confidence the moment you walk through the door. Here, we’ll discuss why you should be confident and how you can be confident when entering a new workplace.

The importance of being confident when entering a new workplace

Being confident when entering a new workplace has a range of benefits for you, such as:

You’ll be more assertive

You’ll be more assertive so you’ll be able to face challenges head on. In turn, you’ll be seen as a competent person and people will easily trust you and take you more seriously. This can help you advance in both your job and career, eg important projects and contracts are more likely to be awarded to you.

You’ll take on challenging projects

You’ll be more willing to take on challenging projects or even start new projects because you trust in your abilities. In turn, it’ll encourage you to aim for and achieve new goals. Your employer will also trust you with a project and know that you’ll be good at motivating others.

You’ll communicate more effectively

You’ll be able to communicate your ideas and thoughts in a concise and eloquent manner, eg you can convey your message in a way that both your clients and colleagues can easily understand. Effective communication can also enable you to run meetings successfully.

You’ll ask for what you want

You’ll have the guts to ask for a promotion or pay raise. You’ll also develop a greater sense of autonomy and be able to convince your manager to let you work flexible hours or at home.

You’ll be more productive and decisive

You’ll be more productive since you’re certain of what you can and can’t do. You’ll also be able to make your own decisions and not ask your superiors for directions and instructions all the time.

You’ll stand out

You’ll stand out in your workplace because confidence is shown in the way you walk, talk, and socialise. This is important if you want your thoughts and opinions to be heard and make a difference at your workplace.

You’ll influence others and gain respect

You’ll influence other people to be confident as well. What’s more, you’ll gain respect from your colleagues and superiors since you know your worth and value as an employee.

How to be confident when entering a new workplace

Now that you know the importance of being confident in the workplace, here are 11 ways you can build your confidence so you can succeed in your new job:

  1. Remember why you’re there. Remind yourself that you were chosen as the best person for the job and why you got excited about landing the job (eg what you get to do, how you get to grow, the value you get to bring, or the difference you get to make).
  2. Look your best. Wearing an outfit that looks great on you will make you feel great, boosting your confidence.
  3. Remember that you don’t need to have all the answers. If there’s something you don’t know about, tell people you’re still figuring things out and you’ll get back to them when you have an answer. Then trust yourself to use everything you have to navigate through the process one step at a time.
  4. Relax and act confident by standing up straight with loosened shoulders, holding your chin up, smiling, breathing naturally, and moving with purpose as you walk around the workplace. This should help ease your anxiety and tension and make you feel comfortable in your own skin. It’ll also help you open up to your new colleagues and do some great work because you’re not so focused on yourself.
  5. Focus on the impact you have on others. This’ll improve your effectiveness at work as you’ll realise that what matters most is what you do and not what others do to you.
  6. Know your capabilities and have a track record of your successes. Your confidence level will rise when you’re sure you’ll be successful in something because you’ve done it before.
  7. Acknowledge your achievements by praising yourself and letting your manager and colleagues know about the good things you’ve done. You can also consider celebrating your accomplishments.
  8. Think positively about yourself. Focus on your strengths and see your weaknesses as something you can improve on. If someone’s better than you in one aspect, consider their weaknesses and compare them to your strengths.
  9. Speak up. Let your thoughts and opinions be heard and stand by them. Also explain the reasons behind your actions and opinions. This way, you’re more likely to convince people and get them to accept your ideas, boosting your confidence.
  10. Connect with others one-on-one. Since you don’t know anyone, consider setting up a lunch date with each member of your team to get to know them more and to ask for work tips and advice. This’ll help you feel more comfortable and confident around them.
  11. Volunteer for a project that highlights your skills and abilities. This way, you’ll feel confident when doing your job. But you should also consider volunteering for a project that’ll help you learn new skills and build your confidence further.

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As you can see, confidence is the key to being successful at your new job and in the workplace overall. So if you ever start to feel anxious or fearful, simply follow these tips and you’ll be confident in no time.

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